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reA stands for designing and engineering architecture that makes use of what is already there and can be used for what is coming next. Reinventing architecture so it can be reinvented again by future generations. Translating outdated structures into valued, inspiring and very much up to date buildings, that facilitate for the people of today. Without the presumption that it finishes there. reA joins the circular ambition in reusing materials and creating new structures that are adaptive, but before all in reusing architecture. And for the last a special eye is needed.

Architectural approach

reA is always after a functional and inspiring structure that fits the needs of its users. Next is the quest for circularity and sustainability, in order to minimize the impact on the environment, but also again to offer better quality for the users. These ambitions can only be accomplished using an very open approach and absorbing all information, before integrating it into a design. And the aesthetics of the design are the outcome of this integration, when everything mentioned before is falling in its right place, with a little directional nudge.

Fields of expertise and interest

Renovating existing structures. Creating new buildings. Transforming, disassembling and remixing structures. The building as a whole, from the interior design, to the structure, to the landscaping.
Urban design
(Re)developing urban areas. Evaluating existing structures and landscapes before re-inventing them into a valuable and inspiring urban area. Making use of a mixture of technics as inserting new structures, demolishing -parts of- existing structures, renovating and transforming.
Improving the quality and sustainability of the built environment implies the need to develop new technics and design methods. reA is regularly researching new possibilities on the crossroads of design, engineering, circularity and development strategies.


reA was founded by Barry van Waveren in 2013. During the 15 years before he was architect-partner at Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten in Amsterdam and responsible for many projects, starting from the ecotech ING house, to the spectacular refurbishment of the Conservatorium Hotel and the New University Building for the Vrije Universiteit. He graduated in 1994 at the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, with a specialisation in renovation and reuse.


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reA office for architecture, urban design and research.

Architectural firm focussed on renovation, remixproject, transformation, monuments, new architecture, circularity, sustainability, reuse, urban transformation. Founded by architect Barry van Waveren in 2013.

Architectenbureau gericht op renovatie, remixproject, transformatie, monumenten, nieuwbouw, circulariteit, duurzaamheid, hergebruik, gebiedstransformatie. Opgericht in 2013 door architect Barry van Waveren.



+31 6 1037 2012