Windesheim Circus II

onderwijslocatie Windesheim Almere

Location: Almere, Netherlands
Completion: 2022
Client: Windesheim
Program: Graduate School
Sector: refurbishment, interior
Size: 1700 (I) + 3300 (II) = 5000m2

After the first stage in occupying the Circus building in the centre of Almere, now the second (and last) stage is about to start. The end result is a graduate school for appr. 2000 students and 5000 m2, attractive for its users and up-to-date to the present (post-covid) needs in educational facilities. The second stage concerns the refurbishment of the existing facilities of the Aeres School. The project has big circular ambitions. The amount of new and raw material needed for the project is absolutely minimized. Changes to the interior are mainly a replacing of the existing walls, ceilings, etc. Even the furniture is ‘second-hand’, taken from other locations of Windesheim and integrated in the new interior design.

Within the existing building a public route is created, that opens up the vast floors over multiple levels. From the main entrance on the Stadhuisstraat the route connects three internal squares, presenting the three educational sectors (IT, Technology and Finance&Law). The squares are the main meeting areas offering a wide range of seating for working, studying, social interaction, presentations and events. All facilities, like offices and classrooms, are organised around these squares, thus stimulating interaction and creating an intimate ambiance, making the students and staff feel welcome.