Graduate school Windesheim, Almere

Hogeschool Windesheim, Almere

Location: Almere, Netherlands.
Completion: 2015
Client: Hogeschool Windesheim
Program: classrooms, study facilities
Sector: rebuilding, interior
Size: 1.070 m2

The department of Windesheim in Almere is rapidly expanding. Next to their own building they were looking for expansion in the vicinity, that was found within the neighbouring city library, already much visited by the students. The project includes the refurbishment of the fourth floor next to the public study centre. The students will enter the school right through the library. The floor itself is a loop around a central void. Along the perimeter a chain of bigger classrooms and smaller study rooms is realised, divided by open spaces with workplaces. Everyone enters through the central study café with typical round tables, stimulating interaction and also accessible for non-students.