Bajeskwartier, Amsterdam

Bijlmerbajes remix, Amsterdam

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Client: AM Development
Program: housing, designcenter, retail
Sector: research, circularity, remixproject
Size: app. 60.000 n2 in materials
Image credits: reA, OMA

The former city prison of Amsterdam, the ‘Bijlmergevangenis’, had become outdated and has been replaced by a new prison in the neighbouring city of Zaanstad. The prison has been sold through an elaborate tender. reA joined the team of AM that eventually has placed the winning bid, with a masterplan by OMA, Lola and Fabric. reA contributed the concept of remix, re-using building elements from the existing structures, that will be demolished, in the new architecture. Now the project development has started reA joins in as a ‘remix-consultant’, making an inventory of all elements that can and will be re-used, researching the necessary steps from disassembling to storage, to the post-treatment and reassembling. All is done in close coordination with OMA who are responsible for the overall masterplan. The elements considered include prefab concrete façade and floor elements, steel bars and cell doors. Among the results will be an elaborate harvest-map, the inventory of where the elements are located and their specifications, as well as a destination-map, showing the specific location of all elements in the new masterplan. The destinations being as part of the landscaping or as a set of elements to be used in a certain architectural project.

The project is a new and challenging step towards a more circular built environment.

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