Completion: 2016
Sector: research, circularity, transformation
Partners: Felicien Duquesnoy, Boele, Beelen, RHDHV, Cirkelstad

The Remixproject involves an elaborate research into the possibilities of disassembling redundant office buildings constructed using standardized concrete load bearing elements and using these elements for new buildings. The idea was instigated by the enormous vacancy in offices in the Netherlands. Just for Amsterdam the figures reached up to 1,3 million m2 rental space. The Remixproject states that the building may be vacant and unwanted, but that doesn’t imply something is wrong with the elements it is made out of. The typical layout of these offices complicates transformation into f.i. housing. But if we could disassemble the structure and use the elements to construct buildings that do fulfil in present needs, than we would have a great alternative to the present solution of complete demolition. The research involved also the architectural implications. With three hypothetical projects reA hopes to show that it surely sets a new challenge to architects, but a very promising one. Remixproject fits perfectly in the next step of sustainability, the circular economy. To take the research to the next step a first project is needed. Now we just have to initiate a real remixproject. Talking about challenges.
The remixproject has its own website, with all information, partners and examples. Please visit: (only in Dutch).
The research has been supported by the Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie.

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