Cluster Smart Logistics, Aachen

Cluster Smart Logistisc, Aken

Location: Aachen, Germany
Completion: 2013
Client: Landmarken AG, Aachen
Program: offices, retail, conference rooms, manufacturing hall
Sector: new architecture
Size: 14.000 m2
Architect: Meyer en Van Schooten Architecten BV.
Project architect: Barry van Waveren (reA)

The well known RWTH in Aachen is working on a big extension to their campus. In the west of Aachen, Campus Melaten is being developed. Along the curved Campus Boulevard several clusters are erected, all based on a certain field of research. For the local developer Landmarken AG the design for the Cluster Logistics has been made. An urban design for the whole cluster, followed by the first project. The Prolog building, as it was called, sets the standard for the cluster and even for the whole cluster, being the first one completed. It houses several institutes and companies that focus on industrial logistics. They are organised around a central glass covered atrium on the first floor. The open galleries, stairs and transparent walls stimulate the interaction between the different users. The huge manufacturing hall, where miniature test cars are being developed, is connected to the atrium by a high lobby, offering a viewing platform into the hall. On higher levels the atrium is connected to the outside by two more lobbies. The modern facades with panorama windows, rounded corners and dimpled metal panelling in a duotone white-green give the Prolog a high-tech contemporary appeal.

reA is presently working on a second project within the cluster.