Office Westkanaaldijk


Location: Maarssen, Netherlands
Completion: 2023
Client: MBB
Program: office, business units, factory halls
Sector: architecture, interior
Size: 4000 m2

The Westkanaaldijk in Maarssen, a narrow strip of land pinched between the busiest railway track, A’dam – Utrecht, and the busiest waterway, Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal, may not be the most appealing place in Holland. But if you want to feel the vibe of this busy little country, this where you have to be. The construction company MBB has been located here for generations in a building that is beyond its lifespan nowadays. The new development will be a much bigger structure that will combine the offices of MBB with eight business units, intensifying the use of the plot while opening it up at the same time.

The design is a robust structure in with one can recognise the separate units. The accentuated columns and beams give the architecture a human scale but also a monumental identity. The building is strongly rooted, creating a resting point in the highly dynamic surroundings.

The offices for MBB rests like a pavilion on top of the units, offering it an 360° view. Huge panoramic windows open up towards the canal in front. On the southside the office is extended unto a huge roof terrace, enticing the staff to take up their laptop and work outside.

The office itself is organised around a central lobby area, facilitating interaction and emphasising the community sence in the closeknitted and family run company. The lobby is connected to the main entrance downstairs by an open en attractive staircase. Natural green will be a recurrering theme throughout the building, from green walls, plants and trees in the lobby, to green roofs and trees on the roof terrace, enhancing the wellbeing of its occupants. Also the landscaping, although mainly dedicated to parking and transport, will have an upgrade with new and fully grown plane and poplar trees.