New Cinema Hall

nieuwe filmzaal en S2M plekken

Location: Almere, Netherlands
Completion: 2020
Client: De Nieuwe Bibliotheek
Program: cinema hall and co-working places
Sector: refurbishment, interior
Size: 300 m2
Image credits: Lucas van der Wee

The main Library of Almere, originally designed by Meyer en Van Schooten Architects with Barry van Waveren as leading architect, is continually alternating its interior to stay up-to-date. The latest refurbishment is the moving of the News Café to the main hall and creating a new Cinema Hall in its place, designed by reA. The hall is situated in the front of the library on the second floor and has a grand view over the Stadhuisplein. During office hours the hall is used for conference  and the views can be enjoyed. Later in the day heavy black curtains cut of the daylight so the movies can begin. The white exterior of the hall makes it merge with the existing interior, while the deep purple on the inside creates an intimate ambiance for the up to 30 visitors. The adjacent sitting area of the former café is changed into a Seats to Meet area.