De Geer transformation

Transformatie de Geer, Houten

Location: Houten, Netherlans
Completion: 2020
Client: CZP Investments
Program: foster home, mixed housing
Sector: renovation, transformation

The Grote Geer and the adjacent Kleine Geer are former farms. The Grote Geer is dated back to 1708. In the 1980’s the farms were abandoned and the buildings integrated in the new city of Houten, as a local social and cultural centre. Now the municipality has sold the complex through a tender, won by reA in collaboration with CZP Investments. De Grote Geer will be transformed in a family foster home for up to 10 children in combination with assisted living for young adults. The Kleine Geer will be transformed into housing and, together with new constructions, will add a mixed housing program.