March 16, 2018

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sector: circularity, remixproject

The BNA has introduced their Manifesto ‘wij gaan circulair’ that reA gladly joins. For the introduction of the circular ambition it is essential that this ambition is widely recognised and applied. That accounts for municipalities, developers, construction companies, but certainly also for architects. There are yet many interpretations of the what and how of circularity, and this fluidity is essential because there is not one solution. So is reA concentrating on re-using the existing built environment, where the manifesto focuses on projects to be built. It is not one or the other, it is the whole.  What is needed is a continued open discussion, experimenting in theory and in practice, collecting and sharing practical experiences and improving the theory, in a revolving circular process. So next to the Cirkelstad network, reA values the BNA ‘wij gaan circulair’ as another valuable platform.

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